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metaphor / material

I have quite a bit of fun losing tennis matches as long as I take a ton of risks

Lol to outlaw screenshotting is a subset of outlawing memory.

Every day, there are fewer and fewer tools for journalists to map political and social accountability, and for citizens to map journalistic accountability

“On the record” is meaningless in an age of constant re-issues and re-masters

Eventually context clicking (especially “save as…” or “delete” or “share”) will require two-factor authentication, and maybe even permission

One raging meta-battle now pits those who see everyone’s reality as parallel, against those who see everyone’s reality as intersecting

A corollary current meta-battle pits those who see reality as metaphor against those who see reality as material

A Brooklyn bus stop sign around the corner from me used to warn of impending arrivals and display estimated times to the next bus. It was eviscerated sometime last Spring, a victim of gutter-dining shed construction directly below. Walking underneath the compromised sign for almost a year, one wonders if no one notices the sign’s condition because no one ever used it? New Yorkers are infamous for not looking up as they city-walk up and down the avenues, so for sure a fair number of people passing by everyday wouldn’t even know.

The most curious (and perhaps dystopian) aspect of the sign is that it appears to still work. The LEDs inside continue to blink in patterns, and so one can assume the sign still communicates with an MTA CPU at headquarters. If the sign has no idea, however, how to explain to the network that it’s been flayed and rendered unusable to humans, a mainframe will ping it all day and believe it’s functioning fine.

Perhaps reality is metaphor and material all at once…

NYC’s been broke before, but now it’s broken

Random 20220205

social media comprises self-selecting containment zones

virologist ≠ epidemiologist

some body = some bot-ty

The apocalypse is now only one short-sale away

Everyone is redeemable or no one is redeemable – Anywhere in between, someone (or some algorithm) will need to play god

i can never remember the time in australia

but I’m getting better at it

i always, to a point, play the dumbest possible person on Help lines & chats – why reach out for help if you think you know the answer?

All federal/state/city elected politicians should earn the average salary of the poorest US congressional district, with no benefits beyond a basic HMO with a $5000 family deductible. No pension. No fundraising. Everyone gets the same amount to run

At the same time, elected officials who earn enough can choose to ward off their being bought off-

What if we only elect people who don’t need the money?

Can you imagine how paranoid being President might make someone? That is one conspicuous capital “P.”

“Why can’t we discuss this in a reputable journal? I do not want to resort to an open exchange on Twitter.”
– Internet Comment, 20220119


[vid] There Goes The Sky (escape from nyc version)

A fav song took on new resonance in late May when I escaped NYC for a few days, for the first time since December 2019. Performed in Bridgehampton NY, interspersed w/ footage from the heaviest part of NYC’s (1st?) lockdown from March to May.

Original Version on Sunrise Highway (2015)


I set out walking, just to find a friend,
Make a human connection in a world of pretend,
To share faith in the future, in the face of decay,
‘Cos when you can’t escape the night, every dawn is the end of days.

Walls get high,
Darkness amplifies,
There goes the sky.

You can understand, doesn’t mean you feel.
The hardest things to show are the easiest to conceal.
Actions can destroy more than words can heal.
God save us all when all the truths are revealed.

Walls get high.
Darkness amplifies.
There goes the sky.

[vid] Time Zero (LimeLight.live Sound Check)

06 Sep 2020.

Sound check on Limelight app. Unreleased track “Time Zero” surrounded w/ some loose texture and tone. Sometimes ideas that disappear for a a few years all of a sudden calculate their worth in retrospect. “Write it forward,” is a mode I know well.


Things got strange
Sequences rearranged
Machines crashed
Systems disarrayed

Take us back, take us back
Rewind the line
To when we knew love
for the first time!

Time Zero

Beauty in the everyday
But light and wisdom
Are not the default state

Easy to lose your way
and lash out in blame
because some people you never shake,
some memories never fade

Take us back, take us back
Rewind the line
To when we knew love
for the first time!

Time Zero

Let the memories fade.