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Quadruple Spice Brown Butter Oatmeal Crackie

by request of @yoginicuisine

The perfect crackie will be caramelized and crunchy on the bottom and sides, but soft in the middle and slightly craggy on top. If using water, crackies will be thinner and crunchier, but should still have a slight chewiness due to the xtra sugar content (this is essentially a brown sugar cookie w/added white sugar and spice).

The Green Fairy Kaleidefuzzyscope

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what up Wes-T.

I hear you are our resident expert on absinthe. I also hear that it was just legalized.
Can you recommend a good real bottle that I could easily pick up here in the city? I’m dying to try this stuff .. I have tried the artificial green licorice variety last time I was in greece and was underwhelmed.…

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