In the end, you get three chords and three changes in rock ‘n roll. I try to make the most of them.

I write to listen.

A bit more about the music.

Creativity isn’t about seeing yourself in the third person - it’s about knowing your self in the second.

Life enjoys you.

d.w., 2021

Catherine Marie Thomas

[Electric Guitars]
Fabien – 2015 Peekamoose Custom M2
Jolie – 2000 Gibson ES-335 DOT reissue
Ursula – 1985 Gibson Les Paul Studio

[Acoustic Guitars]
Uncle – 1934 Gibson L-1
Coyote – 2018 Seagull Entourage Rustic Concert Hall
Ford – 1988 Ovation Custom Balladeer

It’s ridiculous that war is “declared” where peace is always “negotiated.”


“Canyon Store Creature”
Laurel Canyon, CA, 2018