Random 20220205

social media comprises self-selecting containment zones

virologist ≠ epidemiologist

some body = some bot-ty

The apocalypse is now only one short-sale away

Everyone is redeemable or no one is redeemable – Anywhere in between, someone (or some algorithm) will need to play god

i can never remember the time in australia

but I’m getting better at it

i always, to a point, play the dumbest possible person on Help lines & chats – why reach out for help if you think you know the answer?

All federal/state/city elected politicians should earn the average salary of the poorest US congressional district, with no benefits beyond a basic HMO with a $5000 family deductible. No pension. No fundraising. Everyone gets the same amount to run

At the same time, elected officials who earn enough can choose to ward off their being bought off-

What if we only elect people who don’t need the money?

Can you imagine how paranoid being President might make someone? That is one conspicuous capital “P.”

“Why can’t we discuss this in a reputable journal? I do not want to resort to an open exchange on Twitter.”
– Internet Comment, 20220119


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