metaphor / material

I have quite a bit of fun losing tennis matches as long as I take a ton of risks.

The zone that takes me to a place of calm courage happens when I finally displace the notion I’m playing against someone, with the notion that I’m playing with someone.

My mind and body also need to find a space of equilibration, where body forgets materiality and mind forgets gravity. A space where I act and react as a unified system. It’s a weightless and timeless place.

In a way, winning and losing are both synonyms for a game’s end.

Lol to outlaw screenshotting is a subset of outlawing memory.

Every day, there are fewer and fewer tools for journalists to map political and social accountability, and for citizens to map journalistic accountability.

“On the record” is meaningless in an age of constant re-issues and re-masters

Eventually context clicking (especially “save as…” or “delete” or “share”) will require two-factor authentication, and maybe even permission

One raging meta-battle now pits those who see everyone’s reality as parallel, against those who see everyone’s reality as intersecting

A corollary current meta-battle pits those who see reality as metaphor against those who see reality as material

A Brooklyn bus stop sign around the corner from me used to warn of impending arrivals and display estimated times to the next bus. It was eviscerated sometime last Spring, a victim of gutter-dining shed construction directly below. Walking underneath the compromised sign for almost a year, one wonders if no one notices the sign’s condition because no one ever used it? New Yorkers are infamous for not looking up as they city-walk up and down the avenues, so for sure a fair number of people passing by everyday wouldn’t even know.

The most curious (and perhaps dystopian) aspect of the sign is that it appears to still work. The LEDs inside continue to blink in patterns, and so one can assume the sign still communicates with an MTA CPU at headquarters. If the sign has no idea, however, how to explain to the network that it’s been flayed and rendered unusable to humans, a mainframe will ping it all day and believe it’s functioning fine.

Perhaps reality is metaphor and material all at once…

NYC’s been broke before, but now it’s broken

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