hand-cranked thoughts 20220215

A society run on batteries is kinda non-biodegradable, yes?

In due course, billions of bricked iPhones will need to be shot into space

At some point, everything will be hand-cranked
lol the hand-cranked car was the future

Is half-baked… a moment of potential or decay?
No one ever says they’re “half-baked” as the drugs kick in. Understandable, since how do you ever know where 1/2way-high is?

Then again, no one ever says, “haha, I’m still half-baked,” as the drugs wear off on the way down, even though it’s probably a pretty identifiable moment

And only in retrospect, can you know the exact moment of your mid-life (i.e., “half-dead”).

On plug-in, “rechargeable” batteries are not reanimated, so much as repaired. The power that sustains a rechargable battery is also that which saps its life force. Every charge brings diminished capacity until a battery has no memory of itself as a power source

Rechargeable is a subset of disposable

Also LOL any battery plugged into a power system entices that system to draw power from the battery. So, rechargeable batteries have to work extra hard to draw and retain power from a system whose very goal, profitability, and existence depend upon electronic devices not retaining any power

I haven’t worn a graphic T-shirt since last September. It’s been solids, with the occasional stripe.

Walking Luna today, I saw three people sneeze into their masks. Is there some benefit to that that I don’t know?

All kids are a product of sex. But not every kid is a product of love. This does not imply the latter kids are unloved; only that they were conceived via unhealthy unions.

lol the true American political battle right now is between those who believe the country is a product of sex, and those who believe the United States is a product of love

Children as products of two people, in-love or otherwise, will be an outmoded concept when creating people is outsourced to efficient and innovative brands in the life-design space. Kids will get backstories, and their families will not be biological, but social relations