Thoughts Aloud 2023d

Sound is physical art.

it’s better to understand what you’re doing rather than to get the right answer

Nothing is random.

You don’t need things you use all the time to “look like new”, just well tended.

We see in most people what we look for, more than what they project.


All war is an advertisement for war. Its ultimate endgame is to make everyone consumers of violence, and to obliterate any cultural distinction between combatant and civilian.

If our lives and collective future are upended and derailed, over who controls Crimea, lol?

An explosion a day, far away, keeps implosion at bay.

And children at play.

So they say.

Anyway, soon, war won’t be our say.

The say:

Military use of AI can and should be ethical, responsible, and enhance international security. Use of AI in armed conflict must be in accord with applicable international humanitarian law, including its fundamental principles. Military use of AI capabilities needs to be accountable… within a responsible human chain of command and control… it should also minimize unintended bias and accidents.

AI doesn’t know from accidents or intention, so good luck.

Peace requires letting human folly happen.

single-ply toilet tissue is nightmare fuel

The easiest way to cement authoritarian control over someone is not to shut them up, but rather to give them a loud but powerless voice.

Most Leadership Forums℠ focused on the future cause panelists to “out-apocalypse” each other.

“The future,” in these discussions, always becomes a synonym for doom, rather than for uncertainty.

Doom is in vogue, though, almost de rigueur.

Most of my friends default to doom now. I can’t blame them. Safety nets for the least fortunate are failing everywhere with gusto.

The joke’s on us if all the oil we milkshake-suck out of the ground is the same oil that fuels Earth’s combustion core.

What if Earth is just a fossil-fuel powered turbine?

Creeeaaak… aaaand… stop.

Where will it be noon when Earth ceases rotating?

We will have terraformed one of our neighbors by that point, though, so no harm no foul until rocket fuel runs out, too.

Fire is still the most important human invention, because it will be way easier to make Mars warm than to air-condition Venus.

If you lie enough about your life, you’ll convince yourself you’re a metaphor, but all you’ll ever be is a simile.

weirder than that there are a fuck-ton of bad drivers, is that every driver on the road passed pretty much the same test, getting no more than 1 thing wrong.

Then again, most political and social policy today is designed to absolve individuals of agency over their thoughts and actions.

Everyone today is the eye of their own hurricane.

Yeah, ok, whatever. “Decreased inflation” is still prices climbing. Just not as fast. Which I guess is good news, until you do compounded growth projections.

The lol comes as actual falling prices (“deflation”) are painted as apocalypse horsemen.

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Fwiw, lol, every thing you buy at the store has a Delivery Charge, too. It’s just built-in, bundled with a Finder’s Fee.

Unintended consequence of a few cycles of irrational federal monetary policy 202302a:

Transportation of lemons requires armored trucks.

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