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city of strangers

2001.11.18 / ferry from nyc to atlantic highlands, nj

city of strangers
city of dreamers
rushing on
pouring in

chasing dreams
same as when
first we played the game
played tricks on our eyes
that we were the sole alive

a thousand wandered streets
a thousand crowds
my dream the same
as on arrival

absolution now
i don’t live in shadow
anymore, but

first city light always finds the truth
no matter how fast you live
or how many times
you outlast the night


[playlist] 202306.5P@<3

Spotify playlist #105 for June 2023 reflects movements in space, internal and external:

listening to jazz with my father on the lanai
stories of my parents’ meeting in 1969
my mother’s covid while recovering from a broken hand
my father’s pneumonia while recovering from covid
the WGA strike and potential SAG-AFTRA walkout suspending Cat’s latest gig, extending our trip by 3+ weeks
finding peace between the days of Luna’s now kinda-regular bi-weekly epileptic seizures
the kinetic calmness in the chaos of a tennis court
weekly quests for the perfect mango
the road from Florida back to NYC

Not bummed to be back in NYC, but I don’t return home after being away with unbridled excitement anymore, either.…


Winners Don’t Win, pt. 2

Winston, pt. 1

Whatever happens, stay emotionally invested in the point.
– Winston Philip Ramsay

If you put yourself in a place to win points with consistency, you still won’t make every shot, but odds are you’ll put yourself in a position to win the match. Your job on the court is not to win.…


(xtra)terrestrial vacation

The idea that alien life forms would conform to our dimensional perspectives and physics, and yet still leave themselves vulnerable to human weapons and hate, is naive.

“An Earthland vacation this light-year? Really?”

“I heard it’s pretty, and I always wanted to go.”

“Okay, but just remember to bring ‘sion-block-“

“Yes, I packed ‘sion-block!”


Thought Corral 202210b

I write every day. I just don’t want to publish every day. Would that I did not think in drafts.

Hard to “Build that brand!” tho, when you have no routine around creativity.

otoh, deadlines make the writer, lest the lines go dead.

Running out of storage on a device hooked to a cloud is a feature, not your fault

Listening to music is a form of mind reading.…


Random 20220914

In this world, are there more cheap things or expensive things not worth the money?

commitment is a subset of love

none of my best performances have been recorded 😔

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble figuring out how people zipped themselves into their clothes

there’s more profit in the darkest futures.…


20220618 the knick

the knickerbocker tennis club in Brooklyn is the oldest tennis club in New York City. My coach Winston Philip Ramsay is also the head pro there, and invited Cat & me to play on a windy Saturday in June. Just glorious.