Thought Corral 202210b

I write every day. I just don’t want to publish every day. Would that I did not think in drafts.

Hard to “Build that brand!” tho, when you have no routine around creativity.

otoh, deadlines make the writer, lest the lines go dead.

Running out of storage on a device hooked to a cloud is a feature, not your fault

Listening to music is a form of mind reading.

Don’t fall in love with someone you want to stay with. Fall in love with someone you want to change with.

It’s not that all our feckless global leadership wasted all our money over the last few generations. It’s that they’ve wasted our time.

nuke talk gives russia air cover to go all the way to that atomic line. as long as they don’t drop a nuke, they have license to destroy ukraine with “conventional” warfare, because ppl are now, like, “at least they didn’t drop the big deuce.”

Lol nukes are “unconventional” weapons, then

The line should be no war at all, but we all know that’s inconvenient

Beyond war being the easiest way through any diplomatic problem, it’s also the least inclusive way. That’s why you can just ‘declare’ war, but you need to ‘negotiate’ peace. Peace, by definition and design, must include everyone.

War is the ultimate luxury good. This is why it should be the first thing cut back on in lean times.

LOL I saw the slogan, “Vote for a change!” on a t-shirt today.

21% of New York City eligible voters actually voted in the 2021 November mayoral election. So, “Vote for a change!” is really a plea, with the comma missing. “Vote, for a change!” Is way more apt for the unenthused New York City electorate.

Hi ho.

is stereotony worse than monotony?

like it’s boredom, but in hi-fidelitony?

Every day there’s a moment where I have nothing more important to do than dishes

Waiting on the Jon Hamm Progressive Flo revenge porn scandal

So many men in tv ads now eating messy sandwiches leaving goo on their mouths. How does mayo dripping from the corner of a dirty lower lip through a 5-o’clock shadow sell a sandwich?

Voice-Over: “…this Google Pixel can even edit annoying things out of photos!”

Close-on: hero phone erasing people from a photograph

The universe most resembles a child’s mind, and its games are played through us. Each of us, through our choices and actions, advances the universe’s knowledge of itself.

chassez le naturel et il revient au galop

Say you’re jockeying to make sure you get what you pay for, like in a flight-gate boarding line separated by a “Group” hierarchy, and someone ends up jumping the line. What rankles you more: that you didn’t get what you paid for, or that the other person got what you paid for for free?

I took a walk and took no pictures. I took away only what I could recall.

Scaffold down

trolley crosstown

Talk of “papa’s new fake leg.”

Pipe smoker with a bush-beard in a Brooklyn trucker hat

Could you spend the day without looking at the clock, living on your estimates of the time at any given moment? Would you intuitively know how long your tasks are taking, so as to keep moving through your schedule?

Loosed from tracking the time, everything is unpredictable, such that there would be no such thing as a routine. In this way, if no one wore a watch, life would feel less chaotic.

And yet it is a very human thing to impose structure, especially on time.

“There’s so little time,” they say.

And yet, they also say, “Space is infinite.”

Time is space, tho. We feel time is limited because we can’t move very far in space. We can barely leave the Earth.

Luna is her own class of tiny Westie, with her own quirks and spontaneity, but still very much a creature of routine. She’s kinda puppy-sized for the breed, so she has very tiny tubes, so her routine involves more walks than one might expect of a Westie.

Up with the sun. Out for a walk. Then eats 80g of food. Then goes out a couple hours later for a walk. Then sleeps for a while. Then perhaps another walk. Then a 2nd 80g of food. Then a little playtime. Then 40g of food a couple hours later, to bring her daily total to 200g. Then perhaps another walk. Then a couple hours after that, a night walk, and then to bed. Her body tells her what she needs when she needs it.

She can only maintain this routine, however, because I’m aware of the time, and anticipating what she needs next.

Clocks are irrelevant to her.

lol i feel more connected to nature living with an animal, but living with me whacks her so far away from the natural world that she thinks she’s one of us.

Ah, scratch that. She is.

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