(xtra)terrestrial vacation

The idea that alien life forms would conform to our dimensional perspectives and physics, and yet still leave themselves vulnerable to human weapons and hate, is naive.

“An Earthland vacation this light-year? Really?”

“I heard it’s pretty, and I always wanted to go.”

“Okay, but just remember to bring ‘sion-block-“

“Yes, I packed ‘sion-block!”

“At least 4 DPF?”

“Yes, Mem. My Dopplertone spray-on’s good to 6 dimensions.”

“If you reveal yourself in any of the lower 3 dimensions, those humans won’t care how good you look in a blipkini. They shoot before they think.”

“Now you’re just being a worryworf.”

“Look, if they don’t vaporize you, for sure they’ll turn you into food.”

“Oh c’mon, I’ll be fine! I know that galactic sector like the back of my pedipalp.”

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