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everywhere lies truth

There’s no such thing as “living a lie.” You live your truth and only your truth, and enjoy or suffer the fallout, whatever your truth creates.

The phrase isn’t, “you’re living your lie.” It’s, “you’re living a lie.”

At the very least, if it was your lie, you’d have some agency

If there are lives “lived in lies,” then life itself is devalued

The “problem” today lol isn’t that everywhere there’s lies.…


Challenge The Thought

all strains of a virus begin life as a variant.
Not all variants, however, become new strains

so it is with intelligence as with disease

all intelligence begins life as a thought exercise
not all thought exercises, however, become intelligence

The true epidemic of covid19 is to be overwhelmed by absolute certainty

Joe Rogan is a thought exercise in existential uncertainties, rendered in flesh

Canceling comedians is, in effect, an attempt to cancel laughter, and to shame those laughing.…


Truth In Paradox

The paradox of truth in the context of privacy arises where lying is not always unjustified, or even unproductive.

Sometimes, lying is downright forgivable, even necessary.

Anonymity and pseudonymity, for example, are forms of lying. But in these cases, untruth protects the truth. The “lie” is IRL armor; shielding a true identity.…