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everywhere lies truth

There’s no such thing as “living a lie.” You live your truth and only your truth, and enjoy or suffer the fallout, whatever your truth creates.

The phrase isn’t, “you’re living your lie.” It’s, “you’re living a lie.”

At the very least, if it was your lie, you’d have some agency

If there are lives “lived in lies,” then life itself is devalued

The “problem” today lol isn’t that everywhere there’s lies. It’s that everywhere lies truth

“The sky is blue,” and “The sky is clear,” are both true


Challenge The Thought

all strains of a virus begin life as a variant.
Not all variants, however, become new strains

so it is with intelligence as with disease

all intelligence begins life as a thought exercise
not all thought exercises, however, become intelligence

The true epidemic of covid19 is to be overwhelmed by absolute certainty

Joe Rogan is a thought exercise in existential uncertainties, rendered in flesh

Canceling comedians is, in effect, an attempt to cancel laughter, and to shame those laughing.

Canceling teachers, however, is arguably more dangerous than attacking performers, because teachers’ end users are young adults under development. Just ask Stephen Kershnar, SUNY Fredonia Philosophy Professor .

Upstream, to cancel a teacher is to cancel learning; to cancel ways of thinking…

Would you rather a world without laughter, or a world without learning?

If nobody thinks, does anybody laugh?

If nobody laughs, does anybody learning?

Prof. Kershnar’s seminar comprised radical thought exercises, wherein a student wrestled with their conscience. The aim of undergraduate college is not to inculcate young adults with facts, but rather to define ethics and morality, in whatever discipline they pursue. Prof. Kershnar’s work was of the highest academic value.

Challenging yourself to believe and argue for something you would never morally believe or ethically act on, is a great way to find out what makes you you. And an almost foolproof way to deepen empathy and lessen cynicism. Academic settings are perhaps the safest and most productive places to engage in existential reflection.

Academic “freedom” is also to protect the most dangerous ideas, in order to scrutinize them

Imagine a dangerous virus laboratory, except instead of keeping smallpox in cold-storage, the lab stores and studies the complete range of human thoughts and ideas – from the most advancing to the most infernal…

That’s a university.

When we wrestle with our conscience, what is on the other side of that argument except that part of us that is built to dehumanize?…


Truth In Paradox

The paradox of truth in the context of privacy arises where lying is not always unjustified, or even unproductive.

Sometimes, lying is downright forgivable, even necessary.

Anonymity and pseudonymity, for example, are forms of lying. But in these cases, untruth protects the truth. The “lie” is IRL armor; shielding a true identity.

Everybody lies about what’s going on inside their heads.

“How are things?”

The initial question often feigns interest. The nicest ensuing answers can feign reality, or at least, obscure nastier truths, if needed. “I’m great” may be a lie, but it’s what the other person (hopefully) wants to believe is true. The remaining interaction’s tone is predicated by the answer.

You really only have 3 options with, “How are things?” So maybe it’s not the best example lol
“Not so good, actually.”
“Oh, you know.”

No truth is a lie, but all lies are true, in that they are always true to themselves.
“This statement is a lie,” is not a lie.

I’ve been deceived a few times. I’ve deceived others. If I’m lucky, maybe the ratio’s 1:1. We all learn to lie. We all learn to embellish. Most of it in service of living our mythology. Who doesn’t want to live the grandest vision of themselves?

Most of my friends are eyeball-deep in politics. That’s okay – they effect a lot of good. Some of them, though, overpay – and not just in time, money, influence, or etc. Their true price is to believe 1/2 the world is a lie. Or, at least, that half the world believes all the lies.

I understand why people would walk through life that way. There’s no greater salve to everyday chaos than to create right and wrong in every decision.

“What kind of milk, Westy?! What KIND?!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DECIDE NOW!!!!”…


[real life] real fake truth

“fake” is the opposite of “real,” not of “truth”


We don’t live different lives in one reality. We all live the same life, but in different, discrete realities.

“Conspiracy theories” are battles among competing realities, not between truth and lies. Truth also requires conspiracy to be accepted en masse.

Gravity is a conspiracy theory.

No perception is fake. There’s only what’s “not real to me.” All realities are true.

What’s true, however, is separate from the truth.

“The sky is blue” is true.

“The sky is blue” is not the truth.

Blue is how our eyes perceive a scattered refraction of light passing through particles.

Therefore, belief in blue skies (and their corollary “clear skies”) is a conspiracy theory.

Every blue sky is “fake news.”