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Spotify playlist #105 for June 2023 reflects movements in space, internal and external:

listening to jazz with my father on the lanai
stories of my parents’ meeting in 1969
my mother’s covid while recovering from a broken hand
my father’s pneumonia while recovering from covid
the WGA strike and potential SAG-AFTRA walkout suspending Cat’s latest gig, extending our trip by 3+ weeks
finding peace between the days of Luna’s now kinda-regular bi-weekly epileptic seizures
the kinetic calmness in the chaos of a tennis court
weekly quests for the perfect mango
the road from Florida back to NYC

Not bummed to be back in NYC, but I don’t return home after being away with unbridled excitement anymore, either.…


[playlist] 202305.$0|\|6b!r|>

Spotify Playlist #104

For ~10 years going, I launch a playlist the 1st week of a month (sometimes bi-monthly, originally seasonally) to collect tracks that inspire me. It’s not always “where my head is at,” so much as “where my ears are at” and “what’s commanded my attention.” As always, however, we cast a wide wide net.