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Spotify Playlist #104

For ~10 years going, I launch a playlist the 1st week of a month (sometimes bi-monthly, originally seasonally) to collect tracks that inspire me. It’s not always “where my head is at,” so much as “where my ears are at” and “what’s commanded my attention.” As always, however, we cast a wide wide net. It evolves until the end of the month, so feel free to check in to this one until the 31st. I wanted to establish a beach head with this one, but fwiw I will post finished lists at the end of every month starting in June.

For now, I’m stuck cataloging only what finds its way to Spotify, but Bandcamp, where I discover a ton of my new favorite music (and where my entire catalogue lives), is apparently establishing a playlist function in their app. As of now it’s not embeddable, but hopefully soon.


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