Free Thoughts 2023g

The evolution of reading and attention span leaves me terrified to write paragraphs longer than 2.75 sentences. Some paragraphs, however, require multi-sentence packages to deliver complete thoughts. That said, the copious negative space now around paragraphs opens up

It’s not the notion of what constitutes a short sentence that has changed, but rather, what constitutes a complete thought.

  • Journalism is more the art of note taking.
  • All commentary is journalism, but not all journalism is commentary.

Fatigue is focus

Focus is a muscle

Problem is, we’ve created a world where everyone just reads between the lines no matter the lines.

Hidden agendas everywhere, man!

your gift will not necessarily end up your calling

At this point I am so electronic that I am in essence a hologram

That said, when i finally joined the internet i was like “Finally I’m an electron!”

Sometimes I wish I’d given in to my more clement impulses, and just poured all my energy into writing a sassy, savvy, young-adult futuristic fiction series titled Sunrise Earth.

That’s as far as I get with that thought, though.

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
– Helmuth von Moltke, 1871

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