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dacaluf 0203: i must have waterslide

En attendant le camion qui vogue sur l'océan Atlantique, une bonne journée entre les toboggans et les Aquariums de Durban.

While our truck is on the Atlantic Ocean, let’s enjoy [waterslides] & aquariums of Durban.

Musique: Westy Reflector – i must have love (off still echoes (2013) – free music archive | bandcamp)

The Bellais family from France (DAvid, CAmille, LUcile et Félix) is traveling around the world in a converted old fire truck for two years. They’ve used a few of my tracks in their video episodes, and it’s an absolute kick to ride along and hear my songs pop up every so often. Follow them here:


beautiful blurs

My wife, Cat, is an xclnt, award-winning film & tv costume designer, and my front row seat to her work is electrifying and teeming with inspiration. That said, her job takes her away from me, sometimes quite distant, for very long stretches.

When she filmed Kill Bill in 2002, she shuttled between Los Angeles, Tokyo and Beijing for 8 months, came home to NYC for 1 week and then went to Mexico and LA for 3 more months. During that production, including the 7 days she was home, we saw each other a grand total of 23 days. Most of her jobs aren’t that far-flung, but even when she works close by for a few months, as she did in Boston on last year’s The Heat, seeing her often, or at all, is always difficult. Now, Cat is again away – this time in New Orleans until July on a film called Untitled Texas Buddy Comedy.

Longing is as much a process as an emotion. You can miss something, or someone, without longing for it, or her, or him. Once the longing sets in, though, that’s where the heartbreak starts. Collected here are tracks I’ve written over the last 10 years to deal with various states of longing. In these songs, I see evolution, but also constant threads, in my perspective on Cat’s absences. If you’ve ever longed for someone – or some time or place or thing – you’ll relate.

You and I never get enough
Time to make
More than a beautiful blur

music manumit pick: i must have love

Music Manumit’s Music Only Podcast is co-hosted by Tom Ray of Lorenzo’s Music and Doug Whitfield of Netizen Empowerment Federation. My track “i must have love” off of still echoes was Tom’s pick to lead off the December 8th show. Those guys have interviewed and showcased a lot of creative commons artists that I dig, and the podcast opens as many worlds as rabbit holes. It was a real thrill to see their archive.org link pop up while searching on my name and to find out they dug my song.

Tom’s Picks
“i must have love” by Westy Reflector (Indie-Rock) – CC-BY-NC-SA – Website
“Me With Moon” by Ghost Hunter (Electronic, Experimental Pop) – CC-BY-NC-SA – Website
“Blitzkugel” by Tytia Mina Teremina (Electronic, Krautrock, Synth Pop) – CC-BY-NC – Website
“Smokey Sunday Trip” by Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Blues, Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter) – CC-BY-NC-SA – Website

Doug’s Picks – Guns and Crime
“Dan’s Face vs. The Parking Lot” by Barnaby Jones (hardcore) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“Guns Blazin'” by Professor Kliq (electronic) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“Gentleman Rapist” by Dead Wife (punk) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“Crime of the Scene” by Hank IV (rock) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“To Catch an Alien vs. Predator” by Barnaby Jones (hardcore) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“I Hate Prison! Prison Sucks!” by Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine (rock) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website

i must have love

This track materialized one night after a friend of mine off-handed challenged, “Westy, I bet you can’t write something unabashedly happy.”


(downtune guitar 1/2 step, play in open C form. B=C, F#=G, E=F)

B Bsus4 B Bsus4
Walk down the street, it’s easy to see
B Bsus4 F# E
All those lonely people looking at me
With envy in their eyes. I’ve ruined their day,
G#m C#7sus2 F# (walkdown)
But I think I know why they stare and feel this way.

B Bsus4 B Bsus4
Walk down the street, clear my head,
B Bsus4 F# E
just as those hollow people rise from bed.
Off to face their groundhog days,
G#m C#7sus2 F# (walkdown)
they won’t see me starin’, ’cause i’m always wearin’ shades.

B F# C#m E
They want what I got.
B F# C#m E
They fear what I got.
B F# [break] C#m E
They want what I got.
E Em
Don’t turn it on its ear – it’s perfectly clear,
B B/A# B/G# G#m
They would die for what I got.
C#7sus2 Emaj7 B Bsus4
I must have love!

G#m D#7 G#m D#7
I must have love – don’t know what else this could be
G#m D#7 G#m C#7sus2 F# (walkdown)
I must have love – that’s why they all stare at me!

Walk down the streets of the living dead,
Surrounded by loneliness for blocks ahead.
But I don’t worry – I just while away
‘Cos my baby’s at home & she sings to me every day!

They want what I got.
They fear what I got.
They want what I got.
Don’t turn it on its ear – it’s perfectly clear,
They would die for what I got.
I must have love!

Let’s go!