music manumit pick: i must have love

Music Manumit’s Music Only Podcast is co-hosted by Tom Ray of Lorenzo’s Music and Doug Whitfield of Netizen Empowerment Federation. My track “i must have love” off of still echoes was Tom’s pick to lead off the December 8th show. Those guys have interviewed and showcased a lot of creative commons artists that I dig, and the podcast opens as many worlds as rabbit holes. It was a real thrill to see their link pop up while searching on my name and to find out they dug my song.

Tom’s Picks
“i must have love” by Westy Reflector (Indie-Rock) – CC-BY-NC-SA – Website
“Me With Moon” by Ghost Hunter (Electronic, Experimental Pop) – CC-BY-NC-SA – Website
“Blitzkugel” by Tytia Mina Teremina (Electronic, Krautrock, Synth Pop) – CC-BY-NC – Website
“Smokey Sunday Trip” by Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Blues, Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter) – CC-BY-NC-SA – Website

Doug’s Picks – Guns and Crime
“Dan’s Face vs. The Parking Lot” by Barnaby Jones (hardcore) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“Guns Blazin'” by Professor Kliq (electronic) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“Gentleman Rapist” by Dead Wife (punk) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“Crime of the Scene” by Hank IV (rock) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“To Catch an Alien vs. Predator” by Barnaby Jones (hardcore) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website
“I Hate Prison! Prison Sucks!” by Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine (rock) – CC BY-NC-SA – Website

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