Leafcutter Capture 202307

Was on the road for over a week, into last week.

NYC ⏩️ Cuyahoga Falls ⏯️ Chicago ⏩️ Indianapolis ⏩️ Pittsburgh ⏩️ NYC

Still processing the adventure. A bit of family heaviness preceded, too. Hung over the quiet parts.

Today I saw a female leafcutter bee in my Brooklyn backyard carrying a leaf back to the underground lair she’s building in the soil between two of our garden’s bluestones.…


Free Thoughts: Memories and Matadors

TV Series Premise: “Karma”

Massive text messaging glitch, across every SMS platform, sends “Hey! 👋” to every person everyone has ever texted with – from spouses to kids to Amazon drivers to old lovers. As a result, everyone also realizes the last time they interacted.

All these last times will be recalled anew, and all will find out who never erased their number.…


Master, serene are…

There are no sorrows
Nor joys either
In our life.
So let us learn,
Thoughtlessly wise,
Not to live it,

But to flow down it,
Tranquil, serene,
Letting children
Be our teachers
And our eyes be
Filled with Nature.

Fernando Pessoa
Master, serene are
Dec 1914

A Week in Spins: Vol 4

One of my favorite spins of 2022 was Pigments, a collaboration between neo-classical composer Spencer Zahn and electro-funk-soul artist Dawn Richard. Zahn and Spencer’s interplay unfolds with each listen, and escalates tracks like Cerulean and Saffron into time-stretching cosmic slurries, with not a shred of bombast, ennui, or self-consciousness. Different parts will recede or dominate depending on your context.…


An American Wall

Eastern Wall of the Richmond Police Department Headquarters
Grace and Jefferson Streets
Richmond, VA

“Thin Blue Line,” Michael Stutz (2005)
Public Art Commission

“Site Of The House In Which
Samuel Preston Moore
Surgeon General
Confederate States of America
Lived From 1863 To 1865

This Tablet Is Placed By The
Confederate Memorial Literary Society A.D.

[playlist] 202306.5P@<3

Spotify playlist #105 for June 2023 reflects movements in space, internal and external:

listening to jazz with my father on the lanai
stories of my parents’ meeting in 1969
my mother’s covid while recovering from a broken hand
my father’s pneumonia while recovering from covid
the WGA strike and potential SAG-AFTRA walkout suspending Cat’s latest gig, extending our trip by 3+ weeks
finding peace between the days of Luna’s now kinda-regular bi-weekly epileptic seizures
the kinetic calmness in the chaos of a tennis court
weekly quests for the perfect mango
the road from Florida back to NYC

Not bummed to be back in NYC, but I don’t return home after being away with unbridled excitement anymore, either.…


Winners Don’t Win, pt. 3: The Dharma Racquets

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.

― Jack Kerouac, On the Road (1957)

In December 2020, Cat & I decamped to Lowell, Massachusetts for almost 9 months as she costume designed the return of the Showtime series Dexter.

Our temporary home, give-or-take 4 hours north of New York City, was a charming, modern 1-bedroom 5th Floor apartment in a 75-unit rental complex called the Thorndike Exchange.…


A Week in Spins, vol. 3

Down in Florida now for a couple, maybe a few weeks, to visit my parents and retrieve our car to drive back to NYC. We expected to be on the road back already, because Cat’s latest job on Amazon’s The Peripheral has enough scripts locked to shoot a few episodes, despite the WGA strike.…


Winners Don’t Win, pt. 2

Winston, pt. 1

Whatever happens, stay emotionally invested in the point.
– Winston Philip Ramsay

If you put yourself in a place to win points with consistency, you still won’t make every shot, but odds are you’ll put yourself in a position to win the match. Your job on the court is not to win.…


Net Speed

The internet from the start offered a grand social paradox. Everything’s apart together, but also together apart. And everyone’s alone together, but also together alone.

Fwiw, pandemic lockdowns aligned our interactions in the physical world to how we interact with each other on the internet. Everyone alone together, and together alone.…


A Week in Spins, vol. 2

Rainy NYC Saturday weekly post that skipped a week. This set’s theme: Feeling 6 decades time in 6 days, in the good way.


People Under The Stairs “O.S.T.” (2002) was Thes One and Double K’s 3rd release, & one of my fav 2000s spins in any style. Over a master class in sampling, a surgical economy of rhyme here creates negative space that also flows.…