Thoughts Aloud 2023f

The most important thing you can do with your art is to deflect, not reflect, reality.

Is there a switch we can flip, that doesn’t involve a mushroom cloud, that would make everything go back to normal?

And by that I mean, a switch that would just shut everybody the fuck up and create a world of empathic listening?

When you hold your phone up to your face to take a picture of yourself on a Jumbotron in a stadium, the photo will be of your phone taking a picture of itself, surrounded by a crowd.

A photo of your phone taking a photo is basically your phone taking a selfie…

A “phonie,” we might call that photo.

To improve your writing, write about something you know.

To improve your thinking, write about something you need to learn.

Most of the pride I have in myself is for how I’ve changed, not how I’ve not.

There is no such thing as conventional warfare. All war is unconventional.

Never ask anyone what they are, only who they want to be.

One prob is that, to politicians, politics is a game, but to voters it’s real life.

Today’s politician only runs against something or someone. They don’t run for anything, and they certainly don’t run for you.

That said, they do run – on, and on, and on…

Hard to stand for anything when you’re always running.

This city’s a den of iniquity, thievery, pestilence, open-air fellatio, public pissers, what have you…

You better keep a melody in your mind and colors in your eyes as you walk these streets.

The purpose of politics is to make everyone else’s problems, your problems, too.

You see, when everybody has exactly the same problems, there are no problems. I mean, once a problem affects everyone with equal zeal, what’s the problem? Now it’s just normal; a fact of life.

Intelligence is in your doubts, not your knowledge.

Himalayan salt makes any beer taste the same.
– Kenny Chesney

The three most astute and incisive people I know enjoy reading, but they listen only, for the most part, to wordless music.

That’s a clue, btw, to the fact there’s no such thing as wordless music. Sound waves are a medium, akin to paper. As your eyes read words carried on paper, your ears read notes carried on waves.

Musical notes are not made of sound waves, per se. Striking, say, the open 2nd string of a standard-tuned guitar creates a wave. The wave vibrates at a frequency of 441 hertz, and the resultant A note “rides” the wave into your ears.

The wave itself made no sound until received in your ear. As the ear is a “canal” that leads to the brain, you are, from the sound wave’s POV, an island with an acoustic shoreline. Every sound you hear is a wave crashing into you.

Trying to evolve my tennis game so no one can tell my age from my backhand.

The zen core of tennis competition is you are not required to play better than everyone else on any given day. You need only play better than the player(s) on the opposite side of the court.

speed and quickness are not the same

what kills poor people most is becoming more deficient in vitamins than money

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