A Week in Spins

Vol 1

Inaugural edition. Vinyl only is the only rule. No theme, other than, “Luna & I needed to listen to this this week.”

LMK what Luna should listen to next. My record collection’s wider than it is deep. If I don’t have the artist, I’ll match the style…


Woke up slightly crunchy this morning after a friend’s “4-hour-dinner at Barbuto” birthday party. Wonderful counter programming.

this is one of those records there’s nowhere to stop. Even the sounds in flipping it are part of the show. Impenetrable fog. Then the first clear light as the fog breaks

this set of hers is all stories of people looking beyond their horizons. No one loses hope in this world, but it goes bleak. Willie comes over in a hidden track, and cements that Kacey’s is a world without judgments. You come out of it realizing that being young in America now just sucks, but because kids are smarter now than ever, not dumber

You can feel his trouble under the surface of this stuff.

Music should… teach spirituality by showing a person a portion of himself that he would not discover otherwise. It’s easy to rediscover part of yourself, but through art you can be shown part of yourself you never knew existed. That’s the real mission of art. – Bill Evans

Ian Curtis lived with epilepsy, as does Luna. He was tortured with self-awareness, where Luna seems not to judge herself. In any event, I am forever grateful that someone in 1980, a few months before Curtis’ suicide, plugged a tape deck into the University of London Student Union hall soundboard and captured this glorious band.

Every once in a while, I need a reminder that history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes. Kennedy painted outside a lot of lines with his rhetoric. I read about a speech of his, and then pulled this off the shelf. The record is a New York City radio broadcast the day he died, a few of his iconic speeches in their entirety interspersed with background and context from the station’s main political reporter. He was young, but his gravity wasn’t an act.

One of my fav album covers, and the tracks just float away any rainy day

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