Thoughts Aloud 2023e

Someone somewhere is working on a faucet that stops while people are brushing their teeth, and then re-starts only when it’s time to rinse. This faucet will be voice-control only, with no lever(s), and you will have to train it to recognize your saying, “Water, please,” with a mouth full of toothpaste.

“You have 45 seconds of total brush time left,” it will respond in a British woman’s voice rife with authority. “Re-starting your water stream now will deduct four credits from your weekly hydration subscription…”

“Ok, whatever,” you’ll say through foaming Colgate.

“You now have forty seconds to rinse. All faucets on this network will then shut off for twenty eight minutes to balance out your usage to maintain the daily average of homes just like yours. Thank you for helping us keep the planet safe for generations to come.”

After a while, you’ll learn to brush through the faucet’s yammering. The shushing of bristles scouring enamel, amplified to the level of an egg shaker in your head, will recede the sinkvoice to the background. If you’re of the electric persuasion, the sonic landscape of your ultrasonic toothbrush will pulse and drone of a wide spectrum of noise-canceling frequencies through every cavity in your skull. Satisfying stuff.

A sky filter on a photograph is kinda worthless if it doesn’t change a sky’s ground and water reflections, too.

Always remember that your way is only one way to look at anything.

Nobody is holier than thou on the Internet, because nobody on the Internet is holier than the Internet.

It’s the same thing as nobody standing in St. Peter’s Square is holier than St. Peter’s Square.

Hate always backfires into its own tailpipe, because hatred amplifies voices a hater desires to silence. Hate calls attention. There’s no real utility to hate – even the most “justifiable” hate spins off into echo-chamber confirmation bias. If you dislike something, it’s better to remain indifferent or apathetic towards it. In paying something zero heed, you will eliminate any risk of your exposing people to that which you want excised from society.

I guess if there’s a silver lining to hate, it’s that it often brings marginalized movements further and farther into the mainstream that they could have travelled on their own.

Hot take? Perhaps. But it wouldn’t be so hot if haters just gave cold-shoulders.

I’d make a pretty good bot, except I need to eat to tweet all day.

Our worst habits are the ones we refuse to track.

Crazy thing about the boiling frog experiment, is that the experiment first had to have been carried out with a real frog.

Fwiw, I dictated the frog thought first into Drafts app. The machine heard:
Crazy thing about the boiling frog experiment. Is that the experiment? How do urban carried out with a real frog?

Too many people act as if they don’t feel lucky to be alive.

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