the infinite dark

First new track in a while spilled out today, on the heels of my first couple weeks flying solo here in NYC (Cat’s away in Melbourne on Apple’s “Metropolis” for at least a year). A couple days ago, Luna underwent some demanding diagnostics that uncovered she has epilepsy. I’m still processing news and new routines.

Life only “comes at you fast” on the internet. Real life changes direction, and moves away from you faster than you can keep up. “Runs from you fast” is a better idiom, maybe.

In any event, I salved the heaviness (and the subway and Uber Pet rides to and from veterinary neurology practices) by reconnecting with Alan Watts, watching the Indian Wells tennis championship, discovering the writer Erik Rittenberry, and listening on-repeat to my stellar VMP vinyl releases of “Same Trailer, Different Park” by Kacey Musgraves and “O.S.T.” by People Under The Stairs. Lol no one can accuse me of casting a narrow worldview net.

the infinite dark

there’s a million ways to hate
but only one way to love
and that’s why everyone can feel it.
leave your conditions at the door
throw your fictions to the floor
let it all go and you’ll believe it.

there are things we’ll never know
lost to the long-ago…

a river of light in our heart
illuminates life like stars
trust we are sparks
in the infinite dark

you are not what’s no longer there
escape the whys the whens the wheres
that take you far away from now.
endless roads, countless stairs
corridors, unanswered prayers,
echo through this concrete town.

when you’re feeling all alone
just remember how we flow…


when they ask you who you are
don’t answer with a memory
tell ’em you are not an accident
you’re a melody

and you will rise and whirl and whirl and ride
and rise and whirl and ride and ride


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