Year: 2007

Stay Home vs. The Love Shoppings

20 December 2007

Everyone’s Picasso Now
Echo Lake
Spaced Out
Overheard Confessions
Isn’t It A Pity
Peaceful Songs
Love Note From The Future

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Cult Status

Cult status
Don’t have to watch what I say
Cult status
Not too much in my way
I’m gonna be the biggest thing in small town
And when you’re not looking
That’s when I’ll be

Cult status
Travel by subway
Cult status
Goin my own way
I’m gonna be the smallest fish in the big big pond
And when you’re not lookin
That’s when I’ll be headed for

Cult status
My foot in the door
Cult status
Don’t want no more
Gonna be the first one in and the last one out
And where you’re not lookin’
that’s where I’ll be

Love Note From The Future

to the end and back. maybe.

Ever since that big causeway break
You’re in that trance where you never come out
& I keep flashing on that big wave
That came & washed our only way out

that’s all I know that’s all I know seven long years that’s all I know

Summer passed me by
You oughta know you
Were the reason why I
Wasted all this

Always are stories you always tell
Drown it all out sleep through the night
Candides laughing behind every water well
All the hate and greed and power now amplified

it’s all the same it’s all the same since before before the wave

Summer passed me by
You oughta know you
Were the reason why I
Wasted all this

I stopped thinking about life without war
Now there’s no such thing left as small talk
But I’ll never let down this old guitar
Even when it weighs so much
and this is such

The why lie p-i.

©2007, Westy Reflector

When they dig us up – they might never know
We dug so deep – left our evidence so far below
They might even think we were older than dinosaurs

Arrogance thinks we’ll see the end of the world
That we’d be last ones – that we’d get

the truth/the truth
it’s just funny how the truth
is just like Austintown

½ way between here & there
so many secrets I can’t begin to dare
to leave
escaping only in my dreams
sounds like Austintown

They’re gonna say we went backwards – all the way back
Before we went forward again


choose a side, for once.

At least stand up for love
Since you never say the wrong thing
And you’re always on the right side

But you’ve never known stars brighter than a city night
‘Cause you never had to choose a side.