Overheard Confessions

you’re a catholic priest listening to a stream of sunday confessions. in the final one, a woman admits her love for you and asks you to help her escape. what do you do?

“Morning is the hardest time when the mirror leaves you blue”
“He says it’s always the same you got no one to blame but the one looking back at you”

“15 years working on the line just to try make a name”
“And all those voices are quiet now who said he’d be something great”

“Hey god here’s 50
Dollars for all the years
At a dollar a prayer that’s 50 Prayers ”

“help him get some help getting out of here”

“He’s been dreaming of Hunter’s fireworks – sayin ‘shoot me to space that’s cool’ ”
“Everytime HST looked up do you think he lit that fuse?”

“He’s been gambling with our future for a while”
“He’s been holding out all his life for that last quarter mile”

“But we can make it if we start now – it might not be too late
To turn one last midnight drive into a grand escape”

“Sometimes you seem to have fun with man,
picking him up just to knock him down”

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