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[review] insomnia radio: one city

Insomnia Radio’s Charles Stepczyk discovers my track One City and crafts an xclnt overview of my style. Always dig knowing what goes through someone’s head as they listen to my work.

“One City” comes from the 9 track LP, “Transient Lines” from New York City based indie-pop artist WESTY REFLECTOR. He wrote, performed and programmed all songs on this release from late 2013, described as “fragments and fractals of an enlightening, challenging year.”

His unique and powerful voice sits somewhere in the realm of old favorites Terry Prine or even Colin Meloy, but definitely distinctly unique with some beautiful and imaginative tales to absorb.

review: doux, oui?

FAX MACHINE ANTHEMS (http://whiskeyclone.net), a blog to host/stream versions of Beck’s Song Reader songs, had some kind words on my cover for the Junto.

via: http://whiskeyclonenet.tumblr.com

This is a superb full version of the preview, with “drums, bass, electric guitar (rhythm & lead), acoustic guitar, hammond b3 emulator.” Unlike some of the other fuller takes, he gets around the carnivalesque vibes, and is all the more successful for it. And despite the name, it’s not in French.

unconsumption review of “the rime of the ancient pacific garbage patch”

Wonderful appearance of the Disquiet0026: Compos(t)ing project on the Unconsumption blog, run by Rob Walker, who also mentions my track as a highlight. So cool…

Walker writes:

As noted here the other day, the most recent installment of music/sound/art site Disquiet.com‘s ongoing series of “assignments” for electronic musician/composers had an Unconsumption-y theme: “Record the music to a PSA using sounds sampled from your garbage bin.” Specifically, participants were instructed to use sounds produced by four objects from the trash as their musical “source material,” uploading their creations to Disquiet Junto group on Soundcloud.

The results are in, and they’re pretty cool! To listen to any or all of the 15 submitted compositions, go here, or use the embedded player [below]. My favorites included one of the more soaring and atmospheric tracks: “The Rime of the Ancient Pacific Garbage Patch,” by Westy Reflector.

I wish I lived in a world where PSAs sounded like this…