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[review] insomnia radio: one city

Insomnia Radio’s Charles Stepczyk discovers my track One City and crafts an xclnt overview of my style. Always dig knowing what goes through someone’s head as they listen to my work.

“One City” comes from the 9 track LP, “Transient Lines” from New York City based indie-pop artist WESTY REFLECTOR. He wrote, performed and programmed all songs on this release from late 2013, described as “fragments and fractals of an enlightening, challenging year.”

His unique and powerful voice sits somewhere in the realm of old favorites Terry Prine or even Colin Meloy, but definitely distinctly unique with some beautiful and imaginative tales to absorb.

#DaCaLuF 152: One City, Many Canals.

My track one city [off transient lines (2013)] travels through the fjords of Patagonia on a 4-day ferry voyage with the Bellais family. It’s another fun little vid, and the final shot just makes it for me.

4 jours sur le ferry Navimag à travers les canaux de Patagonie.

Musique: One city par Westy Reflector

The Bellais family from France (David, Camille, Lucile et Félix) is traveling around the world in a converted old fire truck for two years. They’ve used a few of my tracks in their video episodes, and it’s an absolute kick to follow along and hear my songs pop up every so often. Follow them here:


Pied dedans, plein les yeux et le vent dans le dos!

one city new zealand

Following Dave Kent down Bull Run.
Bull Run trail one of the latest addition to the Belmont Regional Park, built by Belmont Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA).
More information about mountain biking in Belmont Regional Park.
Music: One City by Westy Reflector

Filmed on GoPro Hero 3 with Chest mount
Settings: 1080p at 30fps

This vid made me smile this week. Releasing work under “NC” creative commons licensing (in my case BY-SA-NC) confers on folks the right to use tracks, straight or remixed, in non-commerial work. Now, after putting my last two releases up at the freemusicarchive, searches on my name are starting to return hits. Here, my track one city soundtracks a bike ride down a New Zealand mountainside.

master yoyo steve brown: soundtracks

Professional yoyo demonstrator Steve Brown used snippets of a number of my tracks over the last coupe months to soundtrack some amazing yoyo moves. These make me happy…

"Performing isn't about the hardest tricks you can do, it's about the biggest. Here's one I've always enjoyed filling stage space with." – Steve

YoYo used is the Catalyst by YoYoFactory.
Song is "Grey Skies Undertow" by Westy Reflector.

"An old favorite bit of silliness." -Steve

Song is "One City" by Westy Reflector.
YoYo used is the Catalyst by YoYoFactory.

"I wanted to do a punt and then punt it back after the first turn, but it turns out that is really difficult." – Jacob

Yoyo used is the Protostar by YoYoFactory.
Song is "She Still Echoes Like A Summer" by Westy Reflector.

"This trick can go south on you really, really easily." – Steve

Yoyo used is the Severe Supernova by YoYoFactory.
Song is "66/55" by Westy Reflector.

"Nothing better than a really hard to get-to thumb drop, eh?" – Steve

Yoyo used is the Avant Garde by YoYoFactory.
Song is "One City" by Westy Reflector.

"Just a little responsive fun." – Steve

Yoyo used is the Die-Nasty by YoYoFactory.
Song is "Ursula" by Westy Reflector.

"It's always good, from time to time, to re-think how your shit works." – Steve

Yoyo used is the Avant Garde by YoYoFactory.
Song is "Soma" by Westy Reflector.


Steve Brown is a professional yoyo demonstrator, National YoYo Master, and winner of the Trick Innovator of the Year and Donald F. Duncan Industry Excellence Awards. He is the founder of 365yoyotricks.com, co-founder of the Triple Crown of YoYo, YoYoNews.com, Shinbone Creative, and owner of the Steve Brown Gallery.

Triple Crown of YoYo
Shinbone Creative
Steve Brown Gallery

one city

she walks into union square
sends the pigeons flying
didn’t think i’d find her there
didn’t think of trying

she sits on a bench above the subway
as the trains rumble by
i see her shake

inside the hiss of a subway’s brakes
it means everything and nothing just the same

a city
to strangers
one city
two strangers
one city
too strange

dreams between drags on a cigarette
while i watch
under the lights of an august city
that will never stop

red street, the light of a taxi’s brakes
it means everything and nothing just the same

a city
to strangers
one city
two strangers
one city
too strange