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In summer 1992, between my Junior and Senior years of college, I was an intern in Rolling Stone’s editorial department assigned to work on the magazine’s 25th Anniversary issue. Memorable for many reasons, though not enough to warrant a memoir, the summer shot me human-cannonball style into the hyper-reality of a myth-making enterprise. The highlight of highlights came right around August, when via a series of flukes, I enjoyed(?) a 90 second phone conversation(?) with Hunter S. Thompson. He left me with a question I pose to myself, to this day, every so often, as I drift off.

Damn you, HT. RIP, HT

Dateline Providence, Rhode Island, January 1992. Junior year Spring semester at Brown University found me installed as the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine called Issues, at the time almost a “monthly,” 3 issues per semester, each with a 5000 copy run. Issues on my watch covered AIDS and sexuality, a police crackdown on financial aid protests and even went to Salem, MA, looking for witches. We spurred debate, schooled a few wannabes and proved that literate students both produce and crave literate commentary.

I wasn’t keen on written letters, though, and spent most of my time outside of class writing and performing music and also producing, directing and writing television shows for the campus TV station, BTV. Still, I had seen the impact that a well put-together magazine could have on communities (especially with the AIDS issue), and I thought maybe, maybe, a future lay in writing for and/or running a magazine.

Print was still king then, and Rolling Stone, one of few conduits to rock n’ roll in my cable-less teenage suburban New Jersey upbringing, was to me a king among kings. The magazine had a summer internship that was somewhat legendary among college magazine and newspaper editors.…