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Long Road Ahead in “Billete de ida”

A short film out of Spain opens with the lead character listening to Long Road Ahead [Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] on headphones. Such an xclnt integration of my track into a scene.

Cortometraje “Billete de ida”, realizado durante el Curso de Cine para Jóvenes El Volander 2013-2014. Dirección, guión y montaje: Elena Casabella. Intérpretes: Mónica Gómez, Álex Lavarias, Margarita Piquer, Valeria Roca, Mario Perdomo. Ayudante de dirección y cámara: Mario Perdomo. Cámara: Elena Casabella. Script: Víctor López, Santiago Ruiz. Sonido: Víctor Jeanpierre Calero. Profesor del curso y ayudas de iluminación y montaje: Miguel Ángel Mengó. Música: Westy Reflector, The New Mystical Trobaudours, Dead Horse One.

Sinopsis: Nora es una joven sin demasiadas esperanzas, amargada por su conflictiva situación familiar. Un día ve cómo a un chico se le cae un sobre de su bicicleta. Nora decide buscar al dueño del sobre para devolvérselo.
Nora is young, without much hope, embittered by a troubled family situation. One day she sees a guy drop an envelope from his bike. Nora decides to look for the owner and return it.

#DaCaLuF 138: Long Road Ahead in Chile

Long Road Ahead [off Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] soundtracks a Bellais family adventure down the Chilean Carretera Austral highway. Fitting and wonderful.

La belle Carretera Austral!
Musique: “Long road ahead” par Westy Reflector

The Bellais family from France is traveling around the world in a converted old fire truck for 2-years. They’ve used a few of my tracks in their video episodes, and it’s an absolute kick to follow along and hear my songs pop up every so often. Follow them here:


Pied dedans, plein les yeux et le vent dans le dos!

surfing the long road ahead

Though I’ve never surfed, I’m obsessed with surfing, so this is xclnt beyond words. Australian surfer Carel Olivier showcases his hometown beach and his incredible skills to the songs Britney Sea by Wolf Asylum and my Long Road Ahead [off Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)].

My Surf Reel // 2014 from Carel Olivier on Vimeo.

Welcome to my first surf reel. This is me doing what I love…
It's hard not having all the best equipment to do what I want to do, which makes it difficult to compete against all the other filmmakers and to make a name for yourself and get rewarded. But, people are seeing my videos from all over the world and getting people stoked. I love putting my hometown, Jeffreys Bay, out there, showing people what an amazing place this is.
All of it wouldn't be possible without the support of people in the J-bay community and the Victory family.

Special thanks to:
Victory Media – Jared Lenegan & Deborah Rajapakse for helping with the interview.
Surflife Jeffreys Bay
Shannon Ainslie
Brandon Watson
Jacques Crafford
Koffie Jacobs
Zach Smith
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
All surfers I've ever filmed
& everyone else for the support, help and advice

Most footage filmed with Canon 7D

Wolf Asylum – "Britney Sea"

Westy Reflector – "Long Road Ahead"

You can follow me on Instagram: @careloli4
Go check out "Surflife" on Facebook to see more of what we do in J-Bay.

long colombian road ahead

Ricardo Llano Gonzalez takes a 133-kilometer motorcycle ride set to Long Road Ahead. Bogotá -La Calera -Guasca -Sopó -Bogotá. Sweet.

Published on Jun 22, 2014
Otra vez cogimos nuestras Royal Enfields 350cc con @JayBarbaNegra a ver qué nos trae la carretera.

Nuestras motos nos llevaron por la siguiente ruta: Bogotá – La Calera – Chingaza – Guasca – Sopó – Bogotá. 133 kilómetros de viaje. Colombia.

Again we took our Royal Enfields 350cc withJayBarbaNegra to see what brings us the road.

Our bikes were shown by the following route: Bogota – La Calera – Chingaza – Guasca – Sopo – Bogota. 133 kilometer trip. Colombia.

Canción: Westy Reflector – Long Road Ahead



22 November 2012

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Long Road Ahead | 2009
ok | 2010
Echo Lake | 2007
Words Of Release | 2009
Dream #3: Austin | 2011
Zipline | 2010
Windfall | 2004
Sayulita | 2010
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cover photo by Westy Reflector of “Untitled” by Drew Barrymore (sharpie and prismacolor markers with scotch tape on matchbook cover, 2009)

Long Road Ahead

Some people can turn their conscience on and off
like Ray Davies’ Yo-Yo.
Not me. You?

we got a long road ahead
settle down. settle back. settle in.
don’t you know we’re gonna have to work until we’re dead?
we’ve got such a long road ahead

full of naked feelings
you know all those things you just can’t teach

There you go again
laughing at real life
I guess that’s the way things will always be

it’s been a long slow descent
energy lost. energy found. energy spent.
you know it takes years to make an overnight collapse
it’s been a long slow descent

we got a long road ahead
don’t look down. don’t look back. don’t fit in.
let’s have the last good time with what little we got left
we got a long road ahead

screw cynicism
and useless language
you know, all those things we say instead of what we mean

there you go again
laughing at real life
I guess that’s the way things will always be

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09.15.2008 7:38p