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The space shuttle flying over San Francisco. (true life is a waking dream) [disquiet0061-textinstagrambient]

twitter.com/textinstagram tweet: “The space shuttle over San Francisco.”
Instagram filter: Walden.

As space travel is humanity’s waking dream, it was all the more fitting that the die rolled an instagram filter borne of a dream traveler…

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”
– Henry David Thoreau, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, 1849

photo: iPhone screenshot of ISS Commander Chris Hadfield, 14 Jan 2013 (w/ Walden filter)


Jolie (Gibson ES335-Dot), Vox AC-15, Ibanez Screamer, Line6 Pod-XT, Yamaha TNR-i iPhone app, MOTU 828mk2, Paulstretch (Windows standalone), Sony Acid 7.0 (w/ VST effects)

Step 1: Roll a die six times (or six dice once), add up the combined results, and then subtract five from it. Make note of the resulting number. If you don’t have access to a die, you can use various digital equivalents.

Step 2: Visit this Twitter account:

Step 3: Count the tweets of that account backwards from the most recent tweet at the time of your visit until you reach the tweet that coincides with the resulting number from step 1 above. Make note of this tweet, unless it begins with an @ sign. If the tweet begins with an @ sign, then use the next tweet (continuing down in reverse chronological order). If the next tweet also begins with an @ sign, then continue until coming to a tweet that doesn’t begin with an @ sign. This final tweet will serve as the title of the track you will soon begin composing and recording.

Step 4: Now, roll a die twice (or two dice once), add up the combined results, and then subtract one from it. Make note of the resulting number.

Step 5: Visit this web page and locate the list of Instagram filters: