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lucky you [disquiet0059-vwls]

Rolled three Yahtzee dice at once on my window sill, under the watch of a scorpion frozen in glass (pictured).

6, 4 and 5 = “Y.O.U.”

Sang tones. Y = F# (I). O = B (V). U = D# (IX).

Pitch shifted each a few times and added them back to create harmonies. Some reverb and a bit of tap delay and chorus. As many as 14 tracks harmonizing at points. No premeditative pathway; “improvised” through the mixing. Fwiw, 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love” and The Cars “Drive” floated around my head as I mixed down.

Rig: AKG C3000B condenser mic, Lexicon MX200 rack reverb, MOTU 828mk2 interface, Sony Acid 7.0 w/VST effects


This week’s project involves the human voice. You will create a choral drone from three samples that you will create with your own voice. This project requires a single die, or the digital equivalent.

Step 1: Roll a die three times (or three dice once) to determine which vowels you will use. Depending on your luck, you may end up with two or even three of the same vowel.

1 = A (“a” as in “yay”)
2 = E (“e” as in “bee”)
3 = I (“i” as in “die”)
4 = O (“o” as in “yo”)
5 = U (“u” as in “you”)
6 = Y (“y” as in “Sylvia”)

Step 2: For each vowel that you have been assigned by the dice, record a 10-second sample of you holding that vowel as a constant tone (volume, timbre, note, etc.).

Step 3: Create a choral drone that utilizes only these three sources of audio. You can treat them with effects lightly, but they should be recognizable as the human voice throughout the duration of track.

More on this 59th Disquiet Junto project at:


wormwood scratch [disquiet0016-backforeground]

Sandpaper scratch led me to a funk break while the die roll kept rattling in my head. The main sounds are pretty much straight from the source wavs, with a little compression to even them up, and a couple loops got some reverb and/or resonance for flesh and liquidity. Everything’s cut up by hand, laid over a timeline the old-fashioned way. The low bang and the knocking from the die are pulsing a low a note, and I fell back on a rhodes (:^D) emulator and stabbed some riffs over the noises to keep the track moving. I tried to keep the sandpaper up front, but the die came forward as is his usual intention and fought it out with the paper and piano, gladiator-style.

backforebackgroundfore, then.

‘Twas an absinthe fueled session, hence the title and tags. Always credit where credit is due to the green fairy.


Mission Info:
The 16th weekly Junto is a shared-sample project. The theme is “background and foreground.” There are two provided samples, one of sandpaper and the other of dice. The charge was to make one track employing both samples, transforming them in any way and adding other elements if deemed integral. However, one of the two samples should provide the predominant background sound, and the other should provide the predominant foreground sound.

Sandpaper sample by HerbertBoland at http://www.freesound.org/people/HerbertBoland/sounds/28541/

Dice sample by Robinhood76 at www.freesound.org/people/Robinhood…sounds/60857/

More details on the Disquiet Junto at: soundcloud.com/groups/disquiet-junto