Year: 2023

Winners Don’t Win, pt. 2

Winston, pt. 1

Whatever happens, stay emotionally invested in the point.
– Winston Philip Ramsay

If you put yourself in a place to win points with consistency, you still won’t make every shot, but odds are you’ll put yourself in a position to win the match. Your job on the court is not to win.…


Net Speed

The internet from the start offered a grand social paradox. Everything’s apart together, but also together apart. And everyone’s alone together, but also together alone.

Fwiw, pandemic lockdowns aligned our interactions in the physical world to how we interact with each other on the internet. Everyone alone together, and together alone.…


A Week in Spins, vol. 2

Rainy NYC Saturday weekly post that skipped a week. This set’s theme: Feeling 6 decades time in 6 days, in the good way.


People Under The Stairs “O.S.T.” (2002) was Thes One and Double K’s 3rd release, & one of my fav 2000s spins in any style. Over a master class in sampling, a surgical economy of rhyme here creates negative space that also flows.…


[playlist] 202305.$0|\|6b!r|>

Spotify Playlist #104

For ~10 years going, I launch a playlist the 1st week of a month (sometimes bi-monthly, originally seasonally) to collect tracks that inspire me. It’s not always “where my head is at,” so much as “where my ears are at” and “what’s commanded my attention.” As always, however, we cast a wide wide net.


Free Thoughts 2023g

The evolution of reading and attention span leaves me terrified to write paragraphs longer than 2.75 sentences. Some paragraphs, however, require multi-sentence packages to deliver complete thoughts. That said, the copious negative space now around paragraphs opens up

It’s not the notion of what constitutes a short sentence that has changed, but rather, what constitutes a complete thought.…


A Week in Spins

Vol 1

Inaugural edition. Vinyl only is the only rule. No theme, other than, “Luna & I needed to listen to this this week.”

LMK what Luna should listen to next. My record collection’s wider than it is deep. If I don’t have the artist, I’ll match the style…


Woke up slightly crunchy this morning after a friend’s “4-hour-dinner at Barbuto” birthday party.…


Thoughts Aloud 2023f

The most important thing you can do with your art is to deflect, not reflect, reality.

Is there a switch we can flip, that doesn’t involve a mushroom cloud, that would make everything go back to normal?

And by that I mean, a switch that would just shut everybody the fuck up and create a world of empathic listening?…


Thoughts Aloud 2023e

Someone somewhere is working on a faucet that stops while people are brushing their teeth, and then re-starts only when it’s time to rinse. This faucet will be voice-control only, with no lever(s), and you will have to train it to recognize your saying, “Water, please,” with a mouth full of toothpaste.…


the infinite dark

First new track in a while spilled out today, on the heels of my first couple weeks flying solo here in NYC (Cat’s away in Melbourne on Apple’s “Metropolis” for at least a year). A couple days ago, Luna underwent some demanding diagnostics that uncovered she has epilepsy. I’m still processing news and new routines.


tuesday prompts

“the programmer of our universe’s Simulation, pointillism oil painting”

“A person who believes everything is an illusion”

“Boston Dynamics robot breast feeding a baby boy”

“Why are you here?”

The Last Repair

Meta Meat Team Mate

Ford Kharkey sat behind the wheel of his immaculate repair van, eyes scanning the road ahead. His assistant, Cleave, a lumpy nug of rich red and pink ground beef, sat shotgun, upright in a plastic tub secured by a metal O-ring lashed to the passenger seatbelt. Just south of Belle Glade on Florida 27, they drove in silence for a while, punctuated by the intermittent sounds of love bug splats and wipers against the windshield.…


low-priority throttle

This Terminal command to disable MacOS’s default “low-priority throttle” has been indispensible while backing up with Time Machine of late:

sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0

Leaving it on (“=1”) shunts the backup to the last in line for the CPU no matter what. My backup process, however, is a VIP club goer.

Would that I could control, with one simple line of code, the throttle on my darkest thoughts.…


random fr(ai)day: a pile and a poll

Prompt Pile 202302a

“an analog stereo receiver knob that expands space.”

”Kandinski’s ‘Regret’”

“The last musician on Earth, photographed by William Eggleston.”

”A guitar pedal that controls space and time.”

Punch Line Poll! How does an AI keep a secret?
  • In a database!
  • Co-located on a global network!
  • “Recently” deleted!
  • Alphabetically, by date, time, and user!

(xtra)terrestrial vacation

The idea that alien life forms would conform to our dimensional perspectives and physics, and yet still leave themselves vulnerable to human weapons and hate, is naive.

“An Earthland vacation this light-year? Really?”

“I heard it’s pretty, and I always wanted to go.”

“Okay, but just remember to bring ‘sion-block-“

“Yes, I packed ‘sion-block!”