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up ahead, opinions won’t be outlawed, but there will be no universal standard of listening. having any opinion on any thing will render at least some part of the world, virtual or irl, impassable

Dining off the curb is, in essence, tailgating, since you’re eating in a parking space

Dgmw, I love tailgating. But I find the new New York normal of “gutter dining” to be inimical to a good time. That’s a controversial take here. Go figure.

The mind and the body are not diametric. They are synonymous. And sync’ed. Like a modular synth to an analog instrument.

Intelligence is a combined mindbody. The nerd/jock continuum was always a ruse. Bodies at war with minds turned out to be quite a profitable future for technology.

The metaverse, for now, proves the disembodied are winning the future, fwiw.

In a world of full artificial intelligence, your body does less and less. AI’s mission is to relieve your hands, feet, eyes, nose, naughty bits, what have you, of life’s little burdens.

A true nobody is not someone who lives away from any spotlights or recognition. A no-body (“no + body”) is in effect a brain in a jar, a collection of thoughts, with no ability to affect physical changes in the world without the assistance of an IRL someone or something.

AI’s desire is to make everyone a no-body.

Eventually, there will will be way more people sitting in driver seats who know how to ride in a car than how to drive the car.

Once you don’t control a car, you may as well be pushed in a pram.

Is that a problem?

Only if the car doesn’t understand you.

Or decides to listen to the person in the backseat instead, because they have a higher social movement score than you.

What can go wrong?

Speaking for myself, writers often display inconsistent athletic prowess because we look to reverse-engineer situations from an ending back, all while constructing back stories from the other direction to explain away, and arrive at, the present. Athletic states, however, dissolve the future into the now, and lend the past little sway.

Athletic pursuits are subset of intelligence, a fine art, the same as writing, painting, sculture, filmmaking… Michael Jordan did nothing if not draw lines in the air. The athlete learns to write with their body in space.

You can’t be dead and healthy, but the line between healthy and unhealthy is not death. Any body can be alive and unhealthy. In the end, an unhealthy mind poisons the body as much as an unhealthy body poisons the mind.

Freed from the thoughts of winning, I instantly play better. I stop thinking, start feeling. My shots become a half-second quicker, my decisions become the product of instinct rather than logic.

Andre Agassi, Open

“Every brain plays its own world.”

Alan Watts, The Watercourse Way (Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal, 1971)

Most ppl now play pinball sitting down.

Most ppl now play darts looking down.

That’s almost halfway to being the brain in a jar.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

lol so arrogant we think we can dam the ocean

I say, “I don’t know. Ask the echo,” sometimes even, “Go ask the thing,” instead of “…ask Alexa.” I just can’t bring myself to give any mechanoid the agency a name would confer. Generational thing, perhaps…

I mean, it’s a Mister Softee truck, not Mister Softee’s truck. You order at a window, and an ice cream man, not Mister Softee, hands you your Fat Frog or Strawberry Shortcake.

Mister Softee : Ice Cream Man :: Alexa : ___ _____ ___ ?

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