all the things you love (20221015b)

all the things you love, recorded live this past quiet Saturday magic hour.

Been on a ritual Nick Drake dive in the last couple weeks. Lol can you tell?

I find a watercourse way through life in Nick Drake’s songs – the paradox being he never found that way for himself. Despite the undercurrent of alienation in his characters and self-reflections, I find hope at the core of his writing. To the extent that unbridled hope can be a state of constant disaffection, he was too good for this world. With any luck, his timeless inspiration and affect here on Earth salves his soul from any restless memories.

My challenge of late is to find the future and past simultaneous with the present.

Destiny is wherever you are.

To love something is to let it know you.


all the things you love

may you turn away
all the darkest things
and turn on the world
every time you sing

rolling on a ball
rolling off a log
rolling and falling for
all the things you love

all the things you love
will always
light the way you came
all the things you love
will all ways
know your name

breathe says the water
when trouble hides and seeks
to overthrow your order
and trade worries for your sleep

things you love
may have no value to
anyone but you
but to the things you love
your love
is every thing

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