prologue: in recollection and amazement

improvised guitar drones, loops and melody lines over beats.

guitar / amp:
jolie (gibson es-335 dot reissue, peekamoose custom electronics)
vox ac4c1-bl tube combo

efx chain:
(ebow –>) earthquaker “warden” compressor –> ehx pog2 –> ehx freeze –> ibanez ts-808 tube screamer –> small sound/big sound mini overdrive –> tc electronic flashback delay+looper –> strymon blue-sky reverberator –> line6 pod xt phaser modeler

software / hardware:
sony acid, motu 828mk2, XP

title is reference to jack kerouac’s “list of essentials” in his belief & technique for modern prose:
17. write in recollection and amazement for yourself

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