o(men)s [disquiet0097-page99remix]


Currently (re)reading:
The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo
Illustrated Edition, Paintings by Moebius

First 80 characters on page 99:
“Can’t you just observe men and omens in order to understand the language?” the

There’s a heaviness to Coehlo’s fable that this treatment revealed. I first read it in ’93, when it was first published in English. I was re-reading it this past couple weeks on the realization it had been 20 years since that initial reading. Then, this Junto assignment hit and here we are.

Drew the notes into a MIDI track in ACID.
Arranged in 4/4 time over 20 measures. Was going to do 99 bpm but it moved a bit too fast, so it settled back around 93 bpm.
Processed the track through the Tapeworm VST soft-synth by Tweakbench, which is meant to simulate a Mellotron.
Amped up the decay and sustain on the synth’s “strings 2” virtual “tape bank.”
Added royalty-free rhythm and oscillation samples hanging out in a loops folder.
Ran the whole thing through ACID’s on-board cathedral reverb.

| {beat} B A Bb | {beat} E {rest} A | B F {rest} F# | F Eb E {rest} |

| B Bb Eb Db | D F# Db {rest} | A Db Bb {rest} | A Bb C {rest} |

| B A Db Bb | Eb {rest} F Bb | {rest} B D C | Db D {rest} E |

B {rest} F Bb | C Db D Eb | E A Bb C | {rest} E E Db |

| {rest} Ab A Bb | Eb F A Eb | Db D {beat} {rest} | E E Db {rest} |


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