Symphonies Dot Love #sickpitches

Gina and Luce, a young couple married for 5 years, put themselves on an internet dating site called “Symphonies” to see if the machine will eventually put them together.

They agree to go on whatever dates the service recommends and each shadows the other. Rather than turn dark, this film would mine the dating sequences for slapstick. The dates end up turning Gina and Luce onto each other more and more.

Eventually Gina and Luce are not matched by the service and they realize that’s the point – their relationship works because they cannot be matched by the machine. The couple then starts secretly to put their failed dates together (and the kookiest four fall in love in a polygamous orgiastic frenzy) and eventually expose the dating site as a profiteering sham.

Eating Raoul + Amelie + 50 First Dates

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