Protocols #sickpitches

Stem cell experiments in 2036 sometimes result in full-on babies.

These experiments are termed “protocols” and the babies are called “protocol children” (by the good guys) and “protocol failures” (by the meanies). Because of the mandate for life (a presidential directive), any embryos formed by stem cell experiments must be allowed to go full term. This creates a circuit of surrogate mothers who bear the embryos. This is the story of one of those mothers, Claire, and the 3 children she had. Each has characteristics of the experiment from which they sprang. Ben, the oldest, is the result of an attempt to combine humans and oxen. Gareth, the middle child, can see like an owl. And Panda, the sole daughter, is the youngest and the result of an attempt to create a human w/the telepathic ability of a dolphin.

All of the protocol children from each line are automatically 1/2 siblings, while the ones born of the same mother are true siblings. Protocol children are not allowed to have their own children, but Claire secretly sells all the sterilization pills to her friends who don’t want to become pregnant, leaving her children able to reproduce. She is determined to save them when protocol children begin to disappear…

Handmaid’s Tale + Children of God + Blade Runner

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