Quiz: Jung At Heart

Via “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk, a 4-question Jungian archetype quiz drawn from his graduate-level college Psychology course.

The Quiz

1. What’s your favorite color? Now, no thinking, give the first three words that describe that color.

2. Name an animal. First one that comes to mind. Now, give three adjectives that describe that animal.

3. Name a body of water or watercourse. Again, now, no hesitation. Give three words that describe that body of water or watercourse.

4. Now, picture this: You’re in an all-white room with no windows or doors. Give your first three words that describe that room.

My Answers

Blue: Serene. Oceanic. Sun-drenched.

Horse: Powerful. Wise. Timeless.

Atlantic Ocean: Churning. Wind-driven. Expansive.

White room: Bright. Anechoic. Soft.

The Archetypes

The color represents you, or how you see yourself. Thus the three adjectives are how you’d best describe yourself.

The animal is how you see all other people.

The watercourse or body of water is your sex life. Just sit with that one.

The all-white room is death, and your three words are how you feel about death.