Random 20220506

a week of scattered thoughts

Grass is a reflective, not euphoric drug. That’s why it was made illegal

Fwiw, nuclear power is a form of solar energy. Stars are just big AF reactors.
In a way, every nuclear plant on Earth is a man-made nano-star.
Nuclear bombs explode microscopic suns.

there’s only so many times you can say, “I’m being taken out of context,” until your actual context becomes questionable

Let’s pitch Name That Tune except you have to ID songs behind white noise at varying intensities – (vacuum cleaners, hvac, subway entering station, side of a highway, etc)

No Justice = No Peace also means No Injustice = No War.
That’s the real jam in the sandwich; that’s why we never get there.
A world that coddles war will never know justice

Just curious: When was the last time you used the phrase “super absorbent” in a conversation?

Lol that brain implant will need OS updates.
“Sorry, Westy, your neural network is a Late 2023 and will not support these sunglasses…”
Double-lol if neural implants run on open source code

“Here’s everything that happened,” is journalism.
“Here’s what you need to know,” is commentary.
All commentary is journalism, but not all journalism is commentary.

how long until you can place DraftKings bets on tomorrow’s google doodle?

most of what you see and hear across media is designed to create mythology, not history

Lol it’s World War “3” because “The Great War” (a.k.a. “The War To End All Wars”) was rechristened as “World War 1” after the U.S. entered what FDR termed “the Second World War.”
Like lol during the 2nd one, everyone agreed that, “Maybe we need to start counting these…”

Remember, Parking Enforcement Officers have nothing else to do. That’s what they do. Yelling at someone doing their job is the essence of pointlessness

One grand paradoxical irony is that if not for NATO staying together after the Cold War, Russia would be less threatening to most individual NATO members. That said, NATO or not, Russia’d still cock their rifles at the world, since its leaders present with perpetual priapism from living 19th century ethnonationalist imperial fantasies

Peace is the dirtiest (and most dangerous) word in politics

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