3 Generations To Erasure

People with power in any system know that any human custom, behavior, or thought process can be eliminated in 3 generations.

Take human custom “X.”

“X” is outlawed during Gen 1.

Gen 1 becomes the last to experience “X.”

Gen 2 relies on the accounts of Gen 1 for their view of “X.”

Gen 1 says:
“X was overrated.”
“I don’t really miss X’ing at all.”
“Your mother and I X’ed, but that was another time.”

Gen 2 knows only the context of illegal or outmoded “X.”

Gen 3 never X’es or knows anyone firsthand who X’ed.

Most of Gen 3 is afraid of or apathetic to X. A few will try it, but X now always will be fringe.

Gen 1 completely dies off during Gen 3.

By the end of Gen 3, no one alive remembers life with X.

By Gen 4, X is a distant memory, relegated to blithe nostalgia, or designated with no resistance for outright erasure.