The Seventh Word

I’m chasing this dream. I’ve got a few chords.
And I’m just riding on the F, back + forth,
Thinking one thought, since I got on.
I think that I’m the only one on this train who realizes what went wrong.

Jolie, I just missed falling in…
Jolie, I just missed falling in…
You sped off in that taxi
Before I said the seventh word
Now I’m afraid you only heard
“Jolie, I just missed falling in…”

She wasn’t looking for a cushion. She’s only got one life.
But she was searching for a softer landing and a peaceful flight.
So she went for a graceful exit before I gave her one that she don’t like.
Now I’m the only one still thinking about it on this endless ride.

When loose bricks fall on quiet sidewalks,
you can hear ’em crash from blocks away.
Without scaffolding they just keep raining down.
She’s still speeding away and I know she still feels lucky to this day.

‘cause you’re always missing the seventh word

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