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Infinite Destination [off Hola, Sayulita! (2010) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)], was originally inspired by (and written for) the actor Elliot Page. I had the fortune of sharing a few adventures with them and a cohort of ridiculously talented artists in 2009 and 2010 when my wife Cat costumed designed the film Whip It. An avowed and affirmative vegetarian (with raw vegan tendencies), Elliot taught me that salad for breakfast is a fractal of the good life.

In any event, this 2014 creative commons use of Infinite Destination to celebrate a “vegetarian butcher” in Madrid, Spain, just surfaced, and brings some of the track’s intention full-circle. You’re every dream I ever had…

La Carnicera Vegetariana,, es una tienda vegetariana y vegana de comida saludable en Madrid donde, tanto si eres vegano, como vegetariano o quieres comprar alimentos orgánicos, encontrarás los mejores sustitutos para la carne.

Carne vegetariana elaborada con los mejores vegetales y con un sabor, textura y estructura con grandes similitudes con la carne real. Somos especialistas en comida vegetariana con especialidades como albóndigas holandesas, brochetas de pollo vegetariano, atún libre de pescado, chorizo vegetariano, carne picada vegetariana, hamburguesa vegetariana y tiras de bacon vegano.

Si buscas un alternativa a la carne en Madrid en esta tienda vegetariana y vegana encontrarás comida vegetariana y comida vegana que recuerda a la carne más sabrosa eliminando a los animales de la cadena alimentaria.

Si quieres comprar comida saludable en Madrid, La Carnicera Vegetariana te invita a su tienda, situada en la Calle Comunidad de Madrid, 41, Burgocentro Local 19, 28231 La s Rozas (Madrid). Si deseas conocer todos sus productos puedes consultar su página web o llamarles al 910067205

The Vegetarian Butcher,, is a vegetarian and vegan health food store in Madrid where, whether you’re vegan, and vegetarian or want to buy organic food, you will find the best substitutes for meat.

Vegetarian meat prepared with the best vegetable and flavor, texture and structure very similar to the real meat. We specialize in vegetarian food with specialties such as Dutch meatballs, vegetarian chicken skewers, free tuna fish, vegetarian sausage, ground beef, vegetarian, vegan vegan burger and bacon strips.

If you want an alternative to meat in Madrid in this vegetarian and vegan store you will find vegetarian and vegan food reminiscent of the tastiest meat removing animals from the food chain.

If you want to buy healthy food in Madrid, The Vegetarian Butcher invites you to his shop, located on Calle Madrid, 41, Burgocentro Local 19, 28231 La s Rozas (Madrid). If you want to know all their products you can check their website or call them at 910067205

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