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How cool is this? she still echoes (like a summer) [off still echoes (2013)], a wistful track about long-ago summer loves and the consequences of choices, soundtracks the creation of a cookies ‘n cream milkshake on the ridiculously fun Brazilian cooking show, Torrada!Torrada! (Toast! Toast!). Guest starring Brazilian fashion and cultural phenom Karina Milanesi, this video is just everything good (and sweet) in the world. Really psyched that Luanda Gazoni continues to find ways to weave my music into her culinary adventures.

Published on Nov 21, 2014
Milkshake de Baunilha com Cookies #TorradaTorrada


Luanda Gazoni

Convidada Especial:
Karina Milanesi

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Música: “She Still Echoes Like a Summer” – The Reflectors / Westy Reflector

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