The Fourth Of IX [Disquiet0134-MusicFromChoreography]

My Disquiet Junto contribution to soundtrack 03:00-03:59 of the film [IX] by Cori Marquis.

Pulled out aces through nines from a deck of cards.
Shuffled. Cut twice. Drew the top card.
4 of hearts.
So, fourth minute of nine (03:00 – 03:59).

At ~01:47 in the original 9 minute film, the dancers tapped their shoulders with their fists for a couple seconds. I tapped along into a tempo reader and it came out to 75.2 BPM.
Tracked bass and drums around the dancers’s movements, and decided to go double time at ~03:27 to match the sped-up circular camera movement.
Improvised drones, grains and generative arpeggios through various effects, layering into a pigtronix looper.
Played one guitar track live over the loops and rhythm tracks into Acid, starting with feathery harmonics to match the dancers’ caressed helixing, then moving through a kind-of New Order “Republic”-era vibe to mirror the camera’s movement.

The Fourth Minute of IX from Westy Reflector

I got an early-90s feel from the film. Things were still okay then. Kurts (Vonnegut & Cobain) were still alive, The Replacements were still making records and there were still hidden movements and corners of the world you could call your own. My mind went to “Regret” by New Order.

Open D# (D# Bb D# G Bb D#), aka the “Blood On The Tracks” tuning, 1/2 step down.

Jolie (ES335-DOT Reissue w/ custom pickups & electronics), EQD The Warden compressor, Zvex Box Of Rock, EHX Superego synth engine (effect send: EXH POG2, EQD Arpanoid), tc electronic flashback delay, Strymon blueSky, Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Line6 POD-XT, MOTU 828mk2, Sony AcidPro 7.0, Win 8.1

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