Transient [Drawing] Lines

Transient Lines (bandcamp | freemusicarchive) – the entire record – soundtracks artist Eric M Smith‘s drawing and painting of a griffin in real time. Bonus sound artifact: the environmental sounds of Smith’s pen and ink-on-paper strokes are left underneath the music, which I always <3. Bonus trivia: The Higgins Ink original factory and the mansion behind it in which the Higgins family lived are 50 yards down the block and across the street from my home in Brooklyn. The factory was converted into apartments in the 70s and the mansion now houses a music school. Full circles, everywhere.

Published on Feb 17, 2014
Drawing and painting a griffin. Real time video.

– Higgins black magic ink
– Nikko G nib
– holbein watercolor burnt sienna, yellow ochre, permanent green no. 1, crimson lake
– windsor newton white ink
– strathmore coldpress 140lb watercolor paper

Music: Westy Reflector, Transient Lines:

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