H2(arpeggi)O [disquiet0100-vaporwave]

Recorded Bodum electric kettle at point of boil into Samplr iPad app (2sec and 15sec samples). Raw recordings are stitched & looped and peek through at beginning and end of track.
Processed raw sounds with Samplr, then fed to various effects pedals and stretched a few grains in Paulstretch.
Noise thresholds triggered arpeggios, bass notes and drone swells via effect send/receive on synth pedal.
No sounds used other than boiling water.

iPad, Samplr app, Earthquaker Warden compressor, Diamond Tremolo, tc electronic Flashback Delay, EHX Superego synth engine (send/receive loop: Earthquaker Arpanoid, EHX POG octave generator), Strymon BlueSky reverberator, Paulstretch (standalone Windows), Line6 POD-XT tube preamp modeler, MOTU 828mk2, Sony Acid 7.0, Win XP

“Please record the sound of water boiling and make something of it.”

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