Words Of Release Ride The Planet

My track Words Of Release soundtracks an extreme ride down Uganda’s White Nile River. Awesome that a song about peace makes such sense against raging waters. Wonderful cinematography. My track starts approximately 01:50.

Uganda’s politics around self-expression and gender are not aligned with mine (understatement), but you rarely have control over where your music is placed (just ask Chrissy Hynde about Rush Limbaugh’s daily use of My City Was Gone). That said, I will view this placement as an unintentional subversion, and hope it provides a subconscious hint of an enlightened world.

RideThePlanet: Uganda. White Nile from Konstantin Galat on Vimeo.

**extra fun: on youtube, the 1st comment (in russian) asks “at around 1:55, what’s that song?” cheap thrills all around. :^D

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