Hyper(BlueSky)loop [disquiet0086-hyperloop]

The sky this weekend was as blue as it’s been in months. I stared at it through the window in my home studio and floated away on the notion of the sky as a loop – its endless blue, its cyclical regularity, its motion within motion.

The photograph is through the front window of my apartment, looking up at the roof of a 14 story complex two-blocks away with a 200mm lens. All that to say the bird in the photo was big – a hyperbird.

As I played, the concept of “hyper” evolved into an excess of layering rather than speed, so this indulges in an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink way. Blue skies, tho, sometimes slow you down in a good way.

Many many loops. Guitar loops. Drum loops. Electronica loops. Bass loops. Pad loops. Some repeat w/ regularity. A few are cut up and sprinkled about. Some others appear only once or twice. A loop that loops only once is still a loop, yes?

Jolie (Gibson ES-335, cherry red), Electro-Harmonix POG2 octave generator, Strymon BlueSky (:^D) reverberator, SmallSound/BigSound Mini Fuck Overdrive, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, TC Electronic FlashBack delay/looper, Electro-Harmonix Freeze, E-Bow, Vox AC-15, Sennheiser MD421-II Mic, MOTU 828MK-2 firewire interface, Sony Acid DAW

D A D F# A D
Capo 2 (Key of E)

This week’s project may have the simplest, and broadest, instruction in all of the 86 consecutive weeks that the Disquiet Junto has been running. Thanks to the musician Cinchel of Chicago, Illinois, for helping to prompt this idea. The project has just one instruction:

The title of your next single is “Hyperloop.” Now, record that single.


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