Grzegorz Bojanek: One Hot Day (remix of Call Pop)

Grzegorz Bojanek, also known as Eta Carinae, is an xclnt electro-acoustic musician from Poland. For a Junto remix project, he sampled guitar from my track Call Pop (both original versions below), and created a wonderfully dreamy track called One Hot Day, which appears on his latest release Constraints, a collection of tracks originally composed for the Junto, through which we met and became electro-friends.

Grzegorz is the artistic producer of the Warsaw Electronic Festival and founded the Polish-Chinese collaborative CHoP Festival. Through his namesake imprint as well as his record label, etalabel, Grzegorz (“Greg” to us linguistically challenged) releases consistently compelling work, introducing field recordings and electroacoustic sounds into compositions creating modern melodic ambience… and, of course, sometimes noise glorious noise. Honored he sought to sample and remix me.

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