little filters / wrong impressions [disquiet0057-phonemetransmit]


Samples stretched, pitch preserved, with noise, harmonic and/or binaural processing. These went into the DAW and were combined with the original recording snippets in various ways. Further effects included delay, resonance, vibrato, distortion, EQ and amplitude modulation.

12 words. 12 tracks. Three 48-second parts.

Anger | Vulnerability | Elation

Title taken from “Words” by Missing Persons:

“What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression
It’s a sorry state I say to myself…”

Rig: Samples (see link below), Paulstretch for Windows (stand-alone software), Ibanez DMD2000 Digital Delay, Line6 POD-XT, MOTU 828mk-ii, Sony Acid DAW


The 57th Junto project was a shared-sample project. It focused on language and emotion. We were provided with three audio recordings from the Phonetics Lab Archive at UCLA. As the lab’s webpage (at explains, “The materials on this site comprise audio recordings illustrating phonetic structures from over 200 languages.”

Samples from the languages Buryat, Navajo, and Zulu were the source material for the project:

Four words from each of these mp3s were selected for a total of 12 words. Through cut and paste, we constructed new sentences. These nonsense sentences served as the a cappella vocal of a new song. All literal meaning was lost in the process, with the intention that all that is left are emotions.

The track is three parts, each of equal length. The first part should sound “angry.” The second part should sound “very silent, vulnerable.” The third part should sound “happy, exultant.”


This project was developed for the Disquiet Junto by Michel Banabila.

The source audio is from the UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive

More on this #57th Disquiet Junto project at:…57-phonemetransmit

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:

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