audiobiography: westy reflector [disquiet0060-audiobio]

background track: “(i believe) this sounds like me” – recorded 02.24.2013

hey, world. this is westy reflector,
(i believe)
coming at you from brooklyn, new york, planet earth.
(this sounds like me)
my real name is dave.

i write songs.
(i believe this sounds like me)

i try to keep my songs simple.

i believe a broken heart is better than a wasted soul.
(and i believe this communicates)
i believe everybody can see through me, so i try to be a good window.
(exactly who i am)

i believe when you send light into the world, it scatters and reflects
(who i am)
but it never dies.

i believe that useless objects rob you of time and light and space and health.
(i believe)
every note you strike propagates forever as a wave.
(this sounds like me)

and i believe that all songs are sounds,
and that all sounds are songs.

NanoStudio for iPhone, AKG C3000B, Lexicon MX200 dual reverb, MOTU 828mk2, Sony Acid 7.0

1. Record an audio track in which you describe — in your own words and voice — who you are and what you explore in your music/sound. Feel free to simply describe this work, or to go a step further and, in addition to your words, to include samples of your recordings. Please keep the track to approximately 90 seconds in length.

2. Name the track “Audiobiography” with your name, as such “Audiobiography: Jane Doe.” Add a description.

3. Tag the track “audiobio” and “disquiet0060-audiobio” and upload.

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